Helping Children Develop

We're here to improve education of disadvantaged young people in the Philippines.

How you can help today!

As a grassroots organisation, SIKAT currently has very limited capital. In the same way that a company needs capital to progress, so does a charity.

We rely heavily on the skills that trustees and volunteers bring and particularly need help in areas such as fundraising.

  • We are recruiting Trustee positions including the posts of Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Assistant Chair person. We particularly need those with experience in administrating for a Trustee Board and training in global and international organisation.
  • We are looking for Pro Bono Lawyers who would be able to help us.
  • We would like somebody to help create a series of films which could highlight what we have achieved so far and our plan for the future.
  • We need someone who has skill in filling out funding applications to Grant Making Trust in the UK, EU and UK based Organisations working for International development.
  • We need somebody experienced in fundraising ideas.
  • Someone with knowledge in designing a professional Business Plan.
  • Do you know any shipping companies who are willing to help us with the shipment of donated books and equipment to the Philippines?
  • We would like volunteers with writing skills who could write articles for SIKAT.
  • We need someone who can create newsletters, compose leaflet content, fundraising emails and update the latest news on our website.
  • Someone who could help start up a SIKAT Magazine.
  • We need volunteers with interest and knowledge in social networking sites who could increase our Internet presence. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and internet fundraising websites such as “Just Giving”.
  • Someone who has skills in press releases, posters, door-drops and composing information leaflets for fundraising events.
  • We need somebody with knowledge in Partnership issues.
  • Somebody who knows about tracking and monitoring projects and Project reporting.
  • A volunteer who knows about providing operational statistics.
  • We also need someone who can support SIKAT’s work by helping us to find office and storage space for the charity.
  • We also need a charity consultant.
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