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We're here to improve education of disadvantaged young people in the Philippines.


Calleva Foundation

June 2014

Our sincere gratitude to the CALLEVA FOUNDATION TRUST for this year’s donation of £2,000. We are very grateful for their continued support throughout the years. Through thier donation SIKAT is able to have a positive impact on the community.

July 2013

Once again we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to The Calleva Foundation for continue to support our effort with a generous donation.

On behalf of the Calingag community, their children and young people we are grateful to the Trustees for recognising the importance of our work and considering us a worthy beneficiary.

Sacred Heart School – Harrow

December 2012

Well done to Miss Lopes’ Year 10 girls who raised £100 on behalf of Sikat during their Christmas appeal. This amount will be use towards one of our on-going projects chosen by the girls in favour of the Nabuslot National High – Calingag Extension.

Also a special thank you to Miss Lopes for taking interest in Sikat’s cause.

Calleva Foundation

July 2012

A big THANK you to The Calleva Foundation Trust who donated £2,000 to SIKAT's Project.

This money is a great help towards the renovation and development of the existing makeshift library, making it real library environment that offers the basic facilities for the children in the village.

The library is a crucial educational resource for Calingag and it's refurbishment is urgently required to better meet the children's needs and make it more comfortable for their use. So far it has proven a great success with up to 100 local children using it everyday.

As the only library in the village, it encourages the children to develop ideas about their careers and life ambitions that can go beyond the narrow confines of their village and this ambition is a vital step in helping the children lift themselves out of poverty and get better jobs that will let them help those in their community.

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