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The Filipino Community is Celebrating!

The Month of May is the month of the flowers, not just because Spring is in full bloom but also because it is the chosen month for one of the biggest yearly celebrations in the Philippines – Flores de Mayo.

In the Catholic calendar May is the month dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Devoted Catholics the Filipinos celebrate the arrival of the restoring rains, after the dry season, by giving praise to the Virgin Mary. Parish Churches are decorated with colourful and exotic blooms for various celebrations throughout the month all combined referred as the Flowers of May or ‘Flores de Mayo’, the original name from the Islands Spanish inheritance.

Following the tradition, the UK based Filipino communities host a yearly festivity under the same theme Flores de Mayo. In similar fashion as in the Philippines the groups congregate to pray the rosary, offer flowers to the Virgin Mary and off course some merry making – wearing their Sunday finest, eating traditional delicacies and snacks; additionally if funds allow a public party is also hosted with a stage presenting various cultural entertainment, such as traditional regional dances, martial arts or singing.

As the UK Filipino population is very big these celebrations are cleverly distributed through the Month, allowing for people to attend the various events. Furthermore, with the Philippine Independence day around the corner – 12th of June, Filipinos dress up and prepare to celebrate their cultural heritage in style.

Last, Saturday 26th of May the SIKAT team joined the Greenwich Filipino Community festivities not just to have fun, but also to raise awareness about our work in the Philippines, raise our profile within the community as well as fundraise for our cause.

Don’t forget; look for SIKAT if you are attending. We need ALL the help we can get to improve children’s and young adults’ education in poor and remote areas of the Philippines!

If you miss out the May celebrations, don’t feel sad or that you’ve lost an opportunity to take part. With the arrival of summer more partying is planned… Barrio Fiestas!

Yes it is as fun as it sound, and we will keep you up to date with our next participation. Keep an eye on our website, facebook page or tweets!

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