Helping Children Develop

We're here to improve education of disadvantaged young people in the Philippines.

Our Projects

Short Term Plans

Our main plan for the immediate future and our current proposed project, is to commission a multi purpose building which will be the Community Centre for Calingag.

Long Term Plans

Secondary school

We would like to improve the conditions of the secondary school in several ways;

At the moment the donated classrooms are scattered around the school grounds, having been built according to their immediate needs. Ideally we would like to commission a purpose built school building. Initial enquires have already been made and a draft plan and quotes are available upon request.

We also want to add Science and IT labs, a Canteen, a Gymnasium and more decent toilets. The school also needs better sports grounds (e.g.Volleyball and basketball court)

They have also requested a Grandstand for Graduation ceremony or any other celebration events.

Additionally we would like to build an Assembly Hall.

School in Calingag

Our aim is to transform the school built from bamboo trees to one build from bricks and mortar.

We would like to provide additional classrooms and other facilities such as Computer Rooms, Faculty Room, Physical Education facilities, Home Economics Room, Library, First Aid Room, Canteen and the Toilet.

Early Learning Centre

We would like to give young children between 1-7 a place to learn and play, boost their confidence, develop social skills and creativity through reading, writing and singing. They will be encouraged to develop communication skills that will prepare them for school when they reach seven.





Sikat aims to provide a library available to both school and the local community in Calingag. At the moment, a rice warehouse has been used temporarily as Library in order to use the books sent.

Charity Shop

The Calingag village does not have any shops available to it, so a charity shop would provide affordable items from the donations and would help generate income for the charity.

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