Helping Children Develop

We're here to improve education of disadvantaged young people in the Philippines.

Who will benefit from the project

The people that will benefit from the project:

  • Young children aged 1 to 7 will have the opportunity to start learning from an early age, giving them a head start before they go to school, with the help of an early learning centre.
  • Young adult aged 11 to 19 from rural areas and poor families will have an access to the secondary education that would have been denied them if not for this school.
  • Disabled children in the community and orphanage who do not have access to school education or social activities.
  • Teachers, parents and the local communities.
  • Primary pupils from other nearby schools that have little facilities will be able to use the facilities such as a library.
  • There are over 5,000 members of indigenous people called “Mangyan” in the island of Oriental Mindoro. Mangyan families in town also demonstrate their desire to give their children educational support and are willing to be integrated into the community.
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