Helping Children Develop

We're here to improve education of disadvantaged young people in the Philippines.


  • Lucia Gil

    Project Manager

    Lucia is currently studying towards a BA Degree in Global Politics and International Relations to aid on her quest to save the world (or make it a better place). She has ample experience in working with Charities, Non-for Profit organisations and Social Services providers within a Private or Public setting. So far her interesting CV, offering an array of skills has been a major push for our small charity.

    “I did not have a second thought about volunteering for SIKAT, as soon as Linda mentioned the nature of the services offered I was keen. When we met for an informal interview I could then read (and see) the very well documented trajectory of SIKAT’s work, as well as the immediate transformation in the community. I become smitten and pledged my help for ever more.“
  • Cristina Manlises


    Cristina got involved in the early stage of setting up Sikat at the age of 16, volunteering whilst studying at school. For over six years she has continued to assist with editorial work, writing articles to publish on the Sikat website, assisting with correspondence and fund-raising letters and helping with leaflet design. She also re-designed the charity's headed paper and organised its computer files systematically. She is a great contributor who helps to ensure that the paperwork required by the Charity Commission is above standard.

  • Catherine Jay Oaquin-Lane


    At the age of 10, Catherine had been a member of religious groups and was active in distributing food for the poor in her town in the Philippines. Her hopes in always helping the needy is always been her aspirations. Volunteering at SIKAT is the only way she can reach out to help those her presence cannot reach by bringing SIKAT to the next phase of its development and to delivering on its mission.

    • US Army Veteran stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas
    • Served two tours in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2006-2008 and 2008-2010
    • 13 years of combined experience in customer service, accounting clerk, bookkeeping, administration and data entry clerk
  • Victoria Manlises


    Victoria or Baby, as what everyone calls her, is bighearted herself. She is sympathetic to every one and has a natural aptitude for helping. She has helped a lot of relatives, families, people and children. As a true dedication in helping, she volunteered to SIKAT to branch out her compassion to every one and bring a deep personal commitment to everything SIKAT hopes for.

    • Holds a degree in Business Administration major in Commerce.
    • Managing Family Agricultural Farm of over 20,000 hectares or approximately 
50,000 acres of agricultural land since 1985.
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