Helping Children Develop

We're here to improve education of disadvantaged young people in the Philippines.

What Makes SIKAT Unique?

SIKAT is the only charity in England UK, supporting a poor community in a small island in the Philippines.

SIKAT began with an aim to make a difference to the lives of the children and young adult in the Village called Calingag.

What makes SIKAT stand out?

  • SIKAT is closed to the heart of its founders. Its volunteers are passionate and very dedicated.
  • By helping a child, you are helping the whole family.
  • SIKAT will help communities to identify their own needs and plan their own activities so that they can become self -sustaining.
  • SIKAT is committed to providing a long -term change for the lives of children and young adult in underprivileged communities.  We help by providing donated books and equipment and commissioning building and development project. This means that the children will have the chance to be educated.
  • We get involved with people directly.
  • We link donors to those in need through child sponsorships and we believe that getting people connected is the best way to make a difference.
  • With SIKAT you can guarantee that anything you donate will go directly to the beneficiaries.
  • SIKAT is the only UK based charity supporting the underprivileged areas of the Calingag community in the Philippines.
  • The Philippines is not a priority country that benefits from UK government aid.
  • SIKAT’s founder was born in the Philippines.

We need your help

We are turning to you for help so that we can continue to build upon the foundations and to help those less fortunate to fulfil their life.

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